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Year 5 - Halle Orchestra Event

What a fantastic opportunity for our Year 5 children to listen to and play alongside the Hall Orchestra!

Schools from all over Derbyshire and Derby City came together on 24th June at The Derby Arena to enjoy singing, dancing and playing a wide range of instruments. Borrow Wood children have been learning the violin all year they were part of the string section.

Other schools contributed with flutes, ukeleles, trombones, clarinets, trumpets and violas.

It was a wonderful celebration of music!  This what some of our children had to say:

  • “Really good fun. We got to play, sing, do actions and dance. We watched the Halle as well.”
  • “I found it fun to sing along and listen to the Halle orchestra.”
  • “I liked it because it was a new experience. I know how to play but sometimes I get mixed up. I learnt not to be nervous.”
  • “Brilliant experience because it is really unusual for children to play with an orchestra. Don’t judge a book by its cover. I was thinking this wasn’t going to be good fun but it was.”
  • “Good experience because you can learn to play the instruments and you start off not great but you can see if you practise you can become good at it.”
  • “Fun! Because we could listen to all kinds of music and we could do the dancing and I have never seen that type of dancing before.”