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At Borrow Wood Primary school we aim to provide children with an engaging and varied Physical Education (PE) curriculum. We follow the National Curriculum for PE, providing a broad and balanced curriculum. We use a planning scheme called ‘Champions’ created by Rising Stars to support the delivery of our lessons. We encourage children to notice the vital way physical activity contributes to a healthy lifestyle and encourage pupils to make links to other subjects such as mental wellbeing in PSHE or how our body works in science.

We promote competition between pupils but also encourage children to set goals and targets of their own. We recognise the way PE can fits alongside our school ethos of CHOICE. Children can challenge themselves in PE, they can show honesty, respect and can aim high to achieve excellence.

By the end of their primary education children will have developed all of the lifelong cooperative skills needed; working in a team, communication, leadership and fair play.

Classes are timetabled to have two P.E. sessions each week. The school has invested in the Rising Stars Champions PE planning scheme. It provides for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.  The scheme of work is broad and balanced allowing for continuity and progression of skills.



Our children in Years 4 and 5 will have swimming lessons in summer term 2022.  This arrangement is in place to enable those children who missed swimming due to COVID restrictions to receive swimming instruction. Moving forward, children in LKS2 will have swimming lessons.