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At Borrow Wood Primary School, we aim, through the high-quality first teaching of computing, to equip our pupils with the digital skills, knowledge and understanding they need to be prepared for future learning and employment and to be able to thrive in the digital era. By delivering coherently planned and sequenced learning, we aim to provide pupils with the broad skill set, knowledge and understanding that they need so they can apply it to a range of situations in the future, enabling them to be successful.

We intend to deliver the computing curriculum with a focus on three strands: computer science, information technology and Digital Literacy. Computer science will teach the principles of algorithms, how digital systems work and how to apply this knowledge through programming. This strand will encourage the children to be computational thinkers and to tinker, create, debug and to collaborate with others while using logic and evaluation when composing algorithms.

The information technology strand will be delivered to equip pupils to use I.T to create programs, systems and a range of content. Our curriculum will support children in becoming digitally literate and to be able to use hardware and software to express themselves, to develop ideas and to be active participants in a digital world. Online safety within computing will ensure that pupils know how to use technology safely and in a respectful manner. We aim to achieve this by focusing on eight strands:

  1. self-image and identify
  2. online relationships
  3. online reputation
  4. online bullying
  5. managing online information
  6. health, wellbeing and lifestyle
  7. privacy and security
  8. copyright and ownership

Ultimately, we aim to deliver the computing curriculum in a balanced, creative and stimulating way while ensuring cross-curricular links are made to the wider curriculum.


Each half-term at Borrow Wood, we focus on a key area of computing. We cover Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology. 


Online Safety

Online Safety is taught throughout our computing curriculum and links to our PSHE sessions. Our planning follows the Education for a Connected World 2020 Framework. We use Project Evolve resources to support our planning.