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At Borrow Wood we aim to deliver a progressive science curriculum building on children’s prior knowledge from our Foundation stage to Year six. Our younger children will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and children in Key Stages one and two will follow the National Curriculum’s programmes of study for science.

Our aim is for all children to master the key learning of a topic. To support this we use half termly knowledge organisers which focus on the topic knowledge and the scientific vocabulary which our children need to master.

We will embed this new learning and vocabulary through a range of relevant and practical investigations aimed at developing curiosity and excitement about the world around them.

Our children will be encouraged to become creative thinkers and problem solvers through scientific enquiry. We will help our children to develop their skill in raising and answering questions to help them understand the world they are growing up in and to know the importance of science, today and in the future.

We strive to promote a joy and excitement for learning, which our children can use in all other areas of the curriculum and ultimately of life. We want our children to experience many WOW moments and be able to approach unknown and unexplainable phenomenon with awe and wonder.


We provide a broad and balanced learning experience for all our children and, whenever possible, opportunities to develop skills and gain an understanding of science concepts through first-hand experience and practical work. The curriculum content is organised across year groups following the guidance in the Science Curriculum and children develop secure understanding of each key block of knowledge and concepts in order to progress to the next stage.


At the beginning of each unit children complete a pre-learning task in groups in order to explore their knowledge and share elements which they would like to find out through the topic. During the unit of work staff continually assess the children through observing children at work and questioning, talking and listening to children. At the end of a unit of work children are set a Mastery Question. This is used as an assessment tool. 


Science Days are held throughout the year. The curriculum is further enriched through a variety of additional visitors on these days, and children have extended periods of time to extend their curiosity for learning.