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Governors - General Information

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 

Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


For information about the board of trustees and members of Odyssey Collaborative Trust, please click here.


The current governing body members are:

Chair of Governors 

  • Mr D Noble

Vice Chairs of Governors

  • Mrs C Merrick

Parent Governors

  • Mrs C Edwards - Chair of Resources Committee; Head Teacher Performance Management
  • Mr I Bestwick - LAC; PP
  • Vacancy

Co-opted Governors

  • Mrs C Merrick - Resources and Standards Committees; EYFS Governor; Safeguarding
  • Mr D Noble
  • Ms A Marsden

Staff Governors

  • Miss Z Fletcher (Headteacher) - Standards and Resources Committees
  • Mrs S Wadsworth (Teacher)

Clerk to the Governors

  • Jo Coleman


Should you wish to contact governors please write a letter and send it into the school office clearly stating that the letter is for the governing board.  The letter will be passed on to the Chair or Vice Chair of Governors. Letters to the governing board are treated in the strictest confidence. They are handled by the Clerk to Governors, Mrs J Coleman and are not opened by a member of school staff.

You can also email the chair of governors via the Clerk to Governors email address:



Register of governor attendance at Full Governing Body and Committee Meetings


Y - Attended meeting       A - Apologies received     

Standards Committee

2020 - 2021

      17.11.20            12.01.21       04.05.21      
Zoe Fletcher Y Y  
Chris Merrick Y Y  
David Noble Y Y  
Abigail Marsden            A Y  


Resources Committee

2020 - 2021   

       20.10.20        23.02.21            27.04.21    
Zoe Fletcher Y Y  
Claudine Edwards Y Y  
Chris Merrick Y Y  
David Noble Y Y  
Ian Bestwick A Absent  
Sophie Wadsworth Y Y  
Abigail Marsden Y Y  


Full Governing Board 

2020 - 2021

     15.09.20         15.12.20            23.03.21          13.07.21     
Zoe Fletcher Y Y    
Claudine Edwards Y Y    
Chris Merrick Y Y    
David Noble A Y    
Ian Bestwick Y Y    
Sophie Wadsworth Y Y    
Abigail Marsden Y Y    



All governors are elected for a term of 4 years from their starting date.



Name of Organisation

Nature of Interest

Appointed by

Date of Appointment

Date Interest Registered

Date Interest ceased


Claudine Edwards

Parent Governor

Housing Development Nottingham Community HA

Project Manager

Parent election

Nov 2014

Re-elected Nov 2018




Zoe Fletcher

Head Teacher




Sept 2012




Liz Best

Co-opted governor



Governor appointed

14th Jan 2016




Christine Merrick

Co-opted governor

Ashgate Nursery

Ashgate and Central Federation

Sightline Initiative

We can together charity 

Chair of Governors 

Chair of Governors




Governor appointed

20th October 2016



Chair of Governors Central Nursery

Ian Bestwick

Parent Governor

Industrial Action Benefit Ltd


Parent election





Sophie Wadsworth Staff Governor     Staff election 12.6.18 12.6.18    
Matthew Lacey Parent Governor     Parent Election 11.12.18 11.12.18 10.3.20  
David Noble Co opted governor Director of Life MAT   Governor appointed 29.1.19 17.9.19    
Elizabeth Cochrane Co-opted governor     Governor appointed 10.3.20   15.09.2020  
Abigail Marsden Co-opted governor     Governor appointed 15.9.20