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Wraparound Provision - THE NEST


The Nest is our own top quality wraparound care provision in a safe, happy and comfortable environment here at Borrow Wood Primary.


We place a very high emphasis on stimulating, good quality play, activities and fun as a basis for every child’s continuing development. The children’s individual needs are considered and values deriving from different racial, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds are recognised and respected.


Session Times and Cost

We have sessions available for the children before and after school on week days. We are not open at the weekend, Inset days or during the school holidays.


Before school

7.30am – 8.55am each week day               £6.50 per session

8.00am – 8.55am each week day               £5.50 per session


After school

3.30pm – 5.00pm each week day              £6.50 per session

3.30pm – 5.30pm each week day              £8.50 per session


You will need to book which sessions you would like your child to attend. In order to secure your place, registration and contract forms need to be completed. These can be downloaded from below or requested and returned to Mrs Ellis at

All forms will be updated every July in preparation for the following September. Your place will be confirmed prior to starting.


Payments need to be paid in full every half term for booked sessions. This payment needs to be paid through our online payment system SchoolMoney on the Borrow Wood website. Should you need the occasional sessions, please contact Mrs Ellis for available slots. Any booked sessions with non-attendance will be charged at the normal session rate.  



We are able to offer the children a range of age appropriate and weather permitting activities.

Below are some of the activities your child may like to take part in.


Outdoor Games and Activities

Table Tennis


Table Football 



Imaginative Play

Dance Sessions

Art and Craft Activities

Board Games 

Book Corner

Physical Games 


Home Corner



We also have a quiet space for your child to use if they choose to do their homework.


Breakfast and Snack Time

To set your child up for the best day, we are able to offer a healthy breakfast at The Nest. Your child could choose from: cereal, toast, yoghurt, fresh fruit and fruit juice or water.


We all know that school makes you really hungry, so we are able to offer a light snack to the children who are staying after school. This could include: cheese and biscuits, sweet biscuits, fresh fruit and a drink of milk or water. As this is a light snack, it is not the intention that it takes the place of a cooked meal at home in the evening.


We will occasional offer a variety of ‘specials’ such as bagels, pancakes, exotic fruits, seasonal and topical foods.



We are very lucky to have an enthusiastic, caring, highly trained group of staff. Mrs Ellis, Mrs Saunt and Mrs Legg will supervise and care for your child whilst they are in The Nest. Miss Allen will also be part of ‘The Nest’ team covering additional hours and staff absence. These adults are all familiar to the children currently at school.  Mrs Ellis is the Nest’s supervisor and the main contact for any questions, comments or queries. Mrs Ellis can be contacted on


First Aid / Medicine

All our staff hold a current first aid certificate. The Nest follows the same First Aid Policy and Procedures as Borrow Wood Primary. If your child requires any medication whilst at The Nest, please contact Mrs Ellis who is qualified to administer it on your behalf once the relevant paperwork has been completed.

The Nest Registration form