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Maths Intent Statement

At Borrow Wood Primary School, our aim is to promote a positive culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths. We want our pupils to experience success and to develop life-long enjoyment and curiosity of the subject.


We are committed to ensuring our pupils are able to recognise the importance of maths in the world around them and its use and purpose in every day life. We want our pupils to have an ability to apply their prior knowledge and skills when making connections between different areas of maths and across the broader curriculum.


Our approach allows pupils to master key concepts and embed the building blocks of mathematical understanding. We want our pupils to become fluent with number and be able to reason mathematically so that when presented with a line of enquiry or problem to solve, they are able to justify and present their understanding using efficient mathematical strategies and appropriate language.


To ensure this happens, we aim to deliver a curriculum that is accessible to all pupils and that builds sequentially, with defined endpoints across year groups. Our curriculum is at least as ambitious as the National Curriculum and results in increasing proportions of pupils achieving or exceeding age-related expectations along with progress being at least in line with national.