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Charging and Remissions

All education during school hours is free. We do not charge for any activity undertaken as part of the National Curriculum and Foundation Stage Curriculum.


1 Residential Courses in school time – with Board and Lodgings costs

Parents required to meet full cost.

Parents who find full payment difficult should contact the head teacher.

2 Additional Activities

Additional activities, known as 'optional extras', are organised by the school and may require voluntary contributions from parents e.g. visits to museums, theatre s, musical drama or artisitic events. The list is not exhaustive.

If voluntary contributions are not forthcoming, these additional activities and events may have to be cancelled.

3 Activities outside of school hours not within the National Curriculum Parents must meet the full cost.
4 Breakages and damages to school buildings, propeerty or furniture Parents to be made aware that wilful damage to school buildings or property may be charged to parents by school.
5 Clubs

Parents charged when outside providers arrange after school clubs.
Clubs run by school staff will not charge parents.

Some clubs may need voluntary contributions towards the costs of additional resources.

6 Instrumental Music Tuition - Individual School may bring outside tutors in at a charge to parents.
7 Ingredients/materials  for practical subjects Parents encouraged to provide materials for practical subjects.
8 Lettings Charges are made to interest groups who formally request use of school premises.
9 Lost school equipment, books etc Parents may be expected to replace or purchase items of lost equipment.
10 Trips When organising school trips or visits to enrich the curriculum and the education experience of the children, the school invites parents to contribute to the cost. All contributions are voluntary. If we do not receive sufficient voluntary contributions, the trip may be cancelled.