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Our aim, when teaching French, is to provide our pupils with a language education that will capture their curiosity and enhance their understanding of the world.   We believe that the teaching of French should allow children to express their ideas in a different language, and be able to listen, understand and respond to French speakers.  We aim to foster children’s enjoyment of learning to speak another language at an age where they tend to be less self-conscious about speaking aloud. It is widely believed that the early acquisition of a foreign language facilitates the learning of other foreign languages later in life and that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the faster the language in question is acquired. Our mission is to create a French curriculum that is accessible for all and allows all children to make progress. French lessons are taught weekly during a 30-to-40-minute lesson and practice parcels throughout the week. The Catherine Cheater Scheme of Work provides a long-term plan overview of the learning that is in-line with the National Curriculum. Through frequently reviewing existing knowledge, children will develop fluency and ability to speak in French confidently.