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At Borrow Wood Primary school we aim to create a hands on and engaging history curriculum for all our pupils. We follow the National Curriculum for history, providing a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum. Our main focus is to ensure the progressive development of historical concepts, knowledge and skills, which allows the children to make links between themes in history.

By the end of their primary education children will have an understanding of the chronology of British History from Stone Age to present day. They will be able to make comparisons and connections between different time periods and their own lives. They will also gain an understanding of aspects of world history including the Ancient civilizations of Greece and the Mayan.



History allows our children to compare and contrast, to examine how and why things have changed, to learn about historical characters and expand their research skills. We teach children to be open minded and enquiring thinkers who understand cause and effect. We want them to understand how people have lived in the past, compare this to modern life and understand how events in the past have influenced our lives today.


We organise a number of visits to places of interest or visitors to school throughout the year and have a range of historical artefacts that we use with the children.