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Year 3/4


This term saw the children in Fir, Maple and Peach class taken back to the times of the Romans. The children were immersed in this ancient civilization in not only their history lessons but also in their English lessons where they studied Roman myths.

One of the lessons saw the cohort come together in the hall to act out well-known Roman army formations to see if they could protect themselves from an onslaught of (foam) javelins.


As part of our 'Electricity' unit in science, the children were tasked with constructing a simple circuit using wires, bulbs, motors and batteries. The children had great fun during this hands-on learning opportunity discovering how a circuit works.

Design Technology

As part of our D.T unit this half-term, the children in Fir, Maple and Peach were tasked with creating a nightlight for Mr Gallagher's son. The children had to include a complete circuit that included a homemade toggle or push-to-make switch while considering what Mr Gallagher's son might like as a design. The children worked incredibly hard to put together a product that Mr Gallagher could take home.