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Online Safety for Children

Online safety  is a priority at Borrow Wood. The internet is not going to go away so teaching the children about how to use it safely and properly is a key responsibility for us.  It is therefore important that we work together as a school community to ensure that our children are kept safe.  As a starting point we have sourced the activities on this page for the children to learn about online safety in a child-friendly way.  Please spend some time 'playing and learning' together.


Advice for children and parents!


If you come across anything on the internet that makes you feel unhappy, upset or uncomfortable you need to tell a trusted adult at home or at school. You can click on the sign below to go to a website called CEOP and find some more activities and report any concerns you have. 


The link to the UK Safer Internet Centre below will take you to lots of online activities and games for children aged 3 - 11.