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Sports Day

Just a quick note as we finish the week to say we hope you enjoyed sports day.

The weather just about held off and we were able to finish on a high.

In the morning our Reception and KS1 children took part in a range of activities before moving to the race track to try out some good old-fashioned events such as the egg and spoon race, the sack race and a clear favourite the three-legged race. 

A highlight for many, however, was Reception sprint race 2. 

Race 1 went off okay with the children lining up, waiting for the 'ready, steady, go' before starting, leading us into a false sense of security that the children and the adults knew what to do.

Race 2 proved otherwise. Mrs Maher and I seemed to run up and down the track in different directions trying to get the children to wait in a straight line and then move on the word 'go'. Four attempts later, it all came together.

I think we would have been more successful if we were herding sheep.....


This afternoon was great fun too with the introduction of Shotput being a new highlight. We clearly have some budding shot putters in the making.

It also proved popular with some of the parents.

We ended as always with the tug of war which the children absolutely threw themselves into.

This year Mr Saeed suggested a parents v. staff tug of war - parents won........ BUT only because they had more people on their team. We were definitely 'robbed'.

Thank you as always for your applause, enthusiasm and cheering - as one of our children said to an OFSTED inspector - 'Sports Day at Borrow Wood is just like the Olympics'.

What more can I say other than have a good weekend and start limbering up for next year!

Zoe Fletcher