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Year 5 and 6



Fluent reading and good comprehension skills have a key role to play in children’s learning across all areas of the curriculum. Fluency in reading is achieved through practice. The children are expected to read outside of school at least five times a week. Reading can include a range of types of texts and media – not just their reading book.  This could be, for example, books at home, comics, magazines, reading on tablets and Kindles. The children will need to have their reading diary signed by an adult each time they read at home.

Times Table Rockstar

This half-term will see the return of 'Battle of the Bands' on Times Table Rockstar. Children can play any of the games on Times Table Rockstar and earn points towards the leadership table that will be updated weekly depending on how the children perform. A new battle will start every Monday and end on a Friday.

Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser is a ‘go to’ document that outlines key facts or core information that children need to know, understand and recall in a topic.

Knowledge Organisers will be sent home at the start of each half-term for the children to learn the key facts and core information about the topic.