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Year 5 and 6



Homework tasks are handed out to children every Tuesday and are expected to be returned by the following Monday.


Children are expected to read at least five times per week for at least fifteen minutes on each occasion. This can be a mixture of reading independently and or reading with an adult. Reading books need to be brought into school each day so that children are able to read their book in the classroom as well as swap it when finished. We ask that parents/carers sign reading records so we are able to keep track of how much each child is reading.



The children have been provided with a weekly skills check test, which will support them in recalling key mathematical facts and methods.

In the autumn term, children are expected to complete column A each week. If the children want to challenge themselves and attempt other questions, we ask that parents/carers encourage this.

All of our pupils in Key Stage 2 have access to Times Table Rockstar and have been provided with up-to-date login details. Times Table Rockstar is a fun and challenging programme designed to help children master the times tables. Battle of the Band competitions are set up each week to encourage an element of competition between the children.



Over the course of this half-term, we would like the children to complete at least one of the following tasks linked to our history topic that focuses on Ancient Maya:


  1. Build a scale version of a Mayan temple.
  2. Design a holiday brochure for visiting the ancient Mayan civilisation.
  3. Create a piece of Mayan jewellery or a Mayan mask using recycled materials.
  4. Design a recipe for or prepare a meal inspired by Maya ingredients these could include tortillas, avocados, beans, squash and root vegetables – take a picture of this.
  5. Write a short story set in the Ancient Mayan city of Chichén Itzá.



We would like the children to bring their half-termly homework into school by Thursday 26th October 2023. We will be looking to display the children’s homework in the hall and provide parents/carers the opportunity to view it at the end of the school day.