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Year 3 and 4

Weekly Homework

To be returned to school on Monday 21st November 2022


Children are tasked with completing 'Maths Skills Check 9'. During the autumn term, the children are expected to complete section A but can challenge themselves to answer the questions in section B and C.

Times Table Rockstar

It is important that the children spend time playing on Times Table Rockstar as often as possible. Spending time practising times tables and learning them thoroughly will help the children access maths through Key Stage 2 and beyond.

Spelling Shed

A good standard of spelling is going to be key in Y3/4 if the children are going to achieve well in writing so the children can be encouraged to play on Spelling Shed.


We ask that children read to a parent at least 5 times a week. If the children manage this, you will receive an additional sticker on your behaviour chart.
Don’t forget to sign and date the reading record book and record the number of pages read.

It is really important that the children are asked a mixture of questions by parents/carers. For now, try to focus on retrieval questions and make sure you practice scanning the text to find the answer.

Homework Club

Throughout the school year, children can attend a 'Homework Club' with Miss Smith at Thursday lunch time.

Half-Termly Homework

Our Science topic this half term is ‘Rocks’ and our Art topic is 'Paintings by JW Turner.’

For your homework this half term, you can choose from the following tasks. You only need to complete one of the tasks:


  • Create a poster or leaflet about different types of rocks and how they are formed.
  • Draw a diagram of the journey of a rock’s life.
  • Create a piece of art using Rocks and Stones.   For example: ‘Rock faces’
  • Create a power-point presentation on different ‘Types of Rock’
  • Devise a rap or song which explains how Rocks are formed
  • Make your own Fossil.
  • Why not start your own Sketchbook just like JW Turner?  You could make sketches of your family, friends and pets.  Don’t worry about making everything perfect – a sketchbook is a space to have fun and explore! Try to draw something new every day.
  • Paint a picture inspired by JW Turner
  • Create a Fact-file or power-point presentation about the artist: JW Turner.


All half-termly homework should be in by the week commencing 20th December 2022.

Year 3 Spelling List

Year 4 Spelling List