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Year 3 and 4

Weekly Homework

Homework – Tuesday 21.06.22

To be returned to school on Monday 27.06.22

Times Table Rockstar

It is important that you spend time playing Times Table Rockstar as often as possible. Each week, a Battle of the Bands has been set up between Maple, Peach and Fir. If you earn over 200 points by the end of the battle, you will earn a sticker on your behaviour chart.

Spelling Shed

A good standard of spelling is going to be key in Y3 and 4 if you are going to achieve well in writing so please play on Spelling Shed as often as you can. Please check the assignments on Spelling Shed.


You are expected to read your book to a parent/carer at least 5 times a week. If you manage this, you will receive an additional sticker on your behaviour chart.
Don’t forget to sign and date the reading record book and record the number of pages read.

It is really important that you are asked a mixture of questions by your parent/carer. For now, try to focus on retrieval questions and make sure you practise scanning the text to find the answer.


Please find the Maths skills check below for Year 3 and for Year 4 below. All children should attempt at least Column A and B.

Half Termly Homework

For your homework this half term, you can choose from the following tasks. You only need to complete one:

  • Create a poster to persuade people to look after their teeth. Why is it important to take care of our teeth?
  • Draw a diagram of the mouth and label the teeth: molars, pre-molars, incisors and canines.
  • Draw and label a diagram of the digestive system. Can you create a glossary of the key words for the digestive system?
  • Practise your sewing skills by designing and creating your own product. Use the link below for inspiration.
    20 Fun And Easy Sewing Projects For Kids To Make (


To celebrate the amazing homework, we will be holding a homework event for the children on Thursday 21st July. The children will get the opportunity to show off their masterpieces and admire work from other classes across school. 


All Topic homework should be in by the week commencing 21.07.22. 


Many thanks, 

The Year 3/4 Team

Year 3 Spelling List

Year 4 Spelling List