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Year 3 and 4

Weekly Homework

Homework – Tuesday 14.09.2021

To be returned to school on Monday 20.09.2021

Times Table Rockstar

It is important that you spend time playing Times Table Rockstar as often as possible. For over half term, a Battle of the Bands has been set up between Maple, Peach and Fir. If you earn over 500 points by the end of the battle, you will earn a sticker on your behaviour chart.

Spelling Shed

A good standard of spelling is going to be key in Y3 and 4 if you are going to achieve well in writing so please play on Spelling Shed as often as you can.


You are expected to read your book to a parent/carer at least 5 times a week. If you manage this, you will receive an additional sticker on your behaviour chart.
Don’t forget to sign and date the reading record book and record the number of pages read.

It is really important that you are asked a mixture of questions by your parent/carer. For now, try to focus on retrieval questions and make sure you practise scanning the text to find the answer.


Please find the Maths skills check below for Year 3 and for Year 4 below. All children should attempt at least Column A. 

Half Termly Homework

Our science topic this half term is ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ and our geography topic is a ‘Study of the United Kingdom’. For your homework this half term, you can choose from the following tasks. You only need to complete one of the tasks:

  • Make a habitat being as imaginative as possible. You can use the science knowledge organiser to help you. You can either bring in the habitat, or take a photo and send it to your class teacher.
  • Complete a sketch of a human or physical feature in your local area. This could involve sketching a church, houses, train station, rivers.
  • Make a venn diagram to classify different animals.
  • Create a piece of art work inspired by Pablo Picasso.

Please complete and hand in by Monday 18th October.

Year 3 Spelling List

Year 4 Spelling List