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Borrow Wood Leading the Way

Once upon a time before lockdown in March 2020, Borrow Wood was part of a project titled: 'How Student Stories Help Develop Empathy in Schools'.


The stories have been written by students at Derby College, who have recently arrived in the UK with little or no English from countries across the world. Many of them have travelled long distances to get here, leaving behind their homes, their families and their friends and have often faced great challenges along the way.


I am delighted to share the outcome of the Case Study that has been written by Derby University and Derby College as part of the Derby Book Festival project. The case study shows how important it is that our children learn about the lives of people living in their home city of Derby and develop empathy for those who have faced extreme challenges and adversity in their early lives.  


We are already working with the Book Festival and Derby University to take part in this project again in the spring term 2021. Hopefully, this time we will be able to complete all the activities we had originally planned this year.  In the meantime please click here to take a look at the case study to find out more.