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Year 6

Half-Termly Homework

Due to this being a busy half-term with SATs, we wanted to provide you with a series of fun tasks that are a little bit different to anything you will have been set for homework before. A lot of the tasks are going to involve you having to 'think out of the box' and you may want to get your family involved too.


Below is a series of tasks, of which you will need to complete three of them, and bring evidence of the tasks into school to be shared at our next celebration event. Your homework will need to be brought into school by Wednesday 25th May 2022.


Task List

  1. Take an impressive photograph
  2. Get an egg as high as possible, without breaking it
  3. Build the highest tower possible in 10 minutes
  4. Draw an upside down self-portrait
  5. Make the most impressive throw of something, into something
  6. Write the best story using only ten words
  7. Make the best flag, without using a flag
  8. Recreate a famous film scene
  9. Build a kite and take it for a test flight
  10. Create the best window art using only post it notes