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Year 5

Weekly Homework

Homework – Tuesday 10.05.2022

To be returned to school on Monday 16.05.2022

Times Table Rockstar

It is important that you spend time playing Times Table Rockstar as often as possible. Spending time practicing your times tables and learning them thoroughly is essential for you to be successful in maths through upper key stage 2 and beyond.

Spelling Shed

A good standard of spelling is going to be key in Y5 if you are going to achieve well in writing so please play on Spelling Shed as often as you can and practice your spellings regularly - copies of the Year 3/4 and 5/6 spelling lists are attached below as well as this term's spelling list for which you will be tested this term.


You are expected to read your book to a parent/carer at least 5 times a week. If you manage this, you will receive an additional sticker on your behaviour chart.
Don’t forget to sign and date the reading record book and record the number of pages read.

It is really important that you are asked a mixture of questions by your parent/carer. For now, try to focus on retrieval questions and make sure you practice scanning the text to find the answer.


Please complete the maths activity NEATLY in pencil on the sheet provided - remember to show any working out neatly in your book.

Half-termly Homework - Summer 1

Homework – Tuesday 01.03.2022

To be returned to school on Thursday 26th May 2022

Thank you to all the children who brought in their creative homework project last term. They were really excellent and it was a joy to be able to share their work with the rest of the school.
This ½ term, we would like the children to produce a piece of creative work relating to their prior learning this year in our topic of Earth and Space.  Can they show off as much of their knowledge as possible in a creative way? 😊

We will be having a whole school event to share and celebrate the children's work, which will be on display for parents to also enjoy after school on 26th May.

As last term, there will be prizes for the best work (judged by our fabulous admin team: Mrs Cook and Mrs Coleman) so please encourage your child to take part.

We're really excited to see what they come up with!