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Year 2 Remote Learning - Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 13th January


Reading Task (9 - 9:25am)

-Write the long date in your yellow reading book. Wednesday 13th January.

-Find the following sentences in the part 2 text below.

-Copy each sentence, then finish it off.

  • By twelve thirty it's ____________.
  • Bob goes to his rocket ship to fetch _______________.
  • His two best friends are ______________________.
  • After lunch, _____________________________.
  • Sometimes people ask him about aliens, and ___________________________.


Maths Live Input (9:25 - 9:45am)

Log into Teams for 20 minutes of maths input. 


Maths Task (9:45 - 10:10am)

Today we are learning to make equal amounts of money using different coins. Our maths will not be in the Power Maths book for today. Write the short date in your blue maths journal. Look at how we can make 32p using different coins. 

  • 32p = 20p + 10p + 2p
  • 32p = 20p + 5p + 5p + 2p
  • 32p = 20p + 10p + 1p + 1p

In your maths journal, write the answers to the questions on the document below. Remember to use different coins to make the same amount each time. If you complete the first task, please move on to the challenge sheet listed below. For each task, write the answers in your maths book. Remember to only write one digit in every square.

Playtime (10:10 - 10:25am)


Independent Reading (10:25am - 10:35am)

Log in to Oxford Owl and choose a book from your coloured reading band. The login for the website is:

Username: bwyear12

Password: Borrow1


Computing (10:35am - 11:35am)

-Memory Task: What is an avatar? (Think back to last half term's learning.)

-Main Learning Objective: Know who to talk to if something has been put online without consent or if it is incorrect.

-Have a look at the PowerPoint slides.

-Look at slide 2: Remember that we don't share personal information.

-Look at slide 3: Who are your trusted adults? Think about your adults at home and in school.

-Look at slides 6, 7 and 8. These children would like some help. Which adults do you think they should talk to and what should they do?



Handwriting (11:35 - 11:45am)

  • Write the short date. (13.01.21)
  • Practise joining 'cr'. 
  • Practise writing 'cry'. Remember to join the letters and make sure that the y has a long descender.
  • Practise writing 'cried'. Remember to join the letters. 
  • Look at my example to help you.


Lunch (11:45am - 12:45pm)


Phonics (12:45 - 1:10pm)

Watch and join in with the pre-recorded phonics lesson for your group. We have emailed you with details of which video your child should watch and join in with. 

Phase 5 phonics session - 13.01.21

Still image for this video

Phase 5 phonics task - 13.01.21

Phase 6 Phonics 13.01.21

Still image for this video

English Input (1:10pm - 1:30pm)

There is no live Teams session today. Please watch the videos below, which will explain how to do the English task. 


English Task (1:35 - 2:30pm)

  • Write the long date in your English book. Wednesday 13th January. Remember to underline it with a ruler.
  • Today we are going to write sentences using the vocabulary from yesterday.
  • Read the word. Think of a sentence with that word in. Say the sentence. Write it in your best handwriting using a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces. The words that you need to use are:
  • Cape Canaveral
  • first stage
  • separated
  • lunar module
  • command module
  • docked
  • orbit
  • rock samples
  • quarantine

English Input 1.wmv

Still image for this video

English Input 2

Still image for this video

History (2:30 - 3:20pm)

Memory Task (Think about the answers to these questions.)

  • What do the words 'past' and 'present' mean?
  • What was Apollo 11?
  • Who was Neil Armstrong?


This half term we are going to learn about the lives of two important people: Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. Watch the video at the top of the page and read the information: Once you have done this, have a look at the information in the picture below and draw a timeline in your green topic books to show the life of Neil Armstrong. Here is a picture to show you how it could look. You don't have to include everything on the timeline. You could add pictures as well.