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Wednesday 3rd February

Wednesday 3rd February


Reading Task (9 - 9:25am)

-Watch the full story of The Night Gardener at

-Write the long date in your yellow reading book. Wednesday 3rd February.

-Draw an label a storyboard to show what happened. Look at the example below.

English Live Input (9:25 - 9:45am)

Log into Teams for 20 minutes of English input. 


English Task (9:45 - 10:30am)

-Write the long date in your English book. Wednesday 3rd February.  

-On Friday, we are going to write an innovated version of the Man on the Moon. That means we are going to write the story, but change it a little. The things that we are going to change are the character and the setting (place). Our story is going to be called: Man on Mars (A Day in the Life of Billy). That's right! We are going to write about Billy!

-Today, we need to plan what jobs Billy might do on Mars, so we know what we are going to write in our story on Friday.

-You can look at the ideas for jobs below if you are stuck.

-Choose four jobs that Billy will do in your story. Draw a picture for each one and write a sentence to explain what Billy does.

-Use the ambitious vocabulary if you would like a challenge.

Playtime (10:30 - 10:45am)


Independent Reading (10:45am - 10:55am)

Log in to Oxford Owl and choose a book from your coloured reading band. The login for the website is:

Username: bwyear12

Password: Borrow1


PSHE (10:55 - 11:35am) 

The 1st-5th February is our Children's Mental Health Week in school. 

Watch the assembly at:

You might want to pause the assembly and discuss it with your child at these points:

  1. 08:04: How do you like to express yourself creatively? How does it make you feel?
  2. 09:24: If you could design your own hat (or other item of clothing) to express yourself, what would it be like and why?
  3. 16:08: Why not have a go at your own Draw your Feelings activity?
  4. 19:41: If you had magical powers, what spell would you cast for Children’s Mental Health Week?
  5. 23:44: Could you have a go at the BAFTA Young Presenter competition?

Handwriting (11:35 - 11:45am)

  • Write the short date. (03.02.21)
  • Practise joining 'ng'. 
  • Practise writing 'sing'. Remember to join the letters. 
  • Practise writing 'reading'. Remember to join the letters. 
  • Look at my example to help you.

Lunch (11:45am - 12:45pm)


Phonics (12:45 - 1:10pm)

Watch and join in with the pre-recorded phonics lesson for your group. We have emailed you with details of which video your child should watch and join in with. 

Phase 5 phonics session 03.02.21

Still image for this video

Phase 5 phonics task 03.02.21

Phonics Phase 6 03.02.21

Still image for this video

Maths Input (1:10pm - 1:30pm)

There is no live Teams session today. Please watch the videos below, which will explain how to do the maths task. 


Maths Task (1:35 - 2:30pm)

Today we are going to start the Power Maths book 2B.

We will complete pages 6, 7 and 8 in the Power Maths book (Unit 6: Multiplication and Division, Lesson 1). Use the strategies that we shared in the video. When you have finished, send some photos of your work to Mrs Ball so that she can give you some feedback. If you finish Power Maths and fancy a challenge, have a go at the task below in your maths journal.

Maths Lesson 03.02.21

Still image for this video

History (2:30 - 3:20pm)

  • Write the long date in your topic book. Wednesday 3rd February. 
  • Today we are going to learn about travel in 1969, which is when Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon.
  • Watch the video to listen to your history input.
  • You can pause the video on the vocabulary page to help you with your writing.
  • Using the pictures and example below, write about travel and life in 1969. If you find it tricky, you can use the sentence starters below.

History Lesson 03.02.21.mp4

Still image for this video