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Reading for pleasure - part 2!

Time: 9:00-9:30

Resources: A pencil and some creativity 

Yesterday we had a big focus on mental wellbeing. Reading can be an excellent way of having some downtime and expressing ourselves! I love hearing what books other people have enjoyed, and I enjoy recommending books to others too. Today, you are going to create a book review for the book you read yesterday during reading. There is a template attached which has all of the questions you need to answer about your book. You can set it out however you like, as a:




In your reading book as a list

On the computer (you could edit over or print the template if you wanted)


You could even video yourself talking about the book and answering the questions!


Be sure to turn your work in after and we will be able to share our recommendations with eachother!



Time: 9.30am - 9.50am

Resources: Handwriting book, pencil.


We are doing words beginning with h and i today. Please practice the words attached to this assignment in your handwriting book. A full line of each please! 


Take your time and take care with all of the joins. Handwriting is not a race! If you do finish on time, choose 2 words that begin with h/i or have the letter h/i in them and practise writing these.



Time: 9.50am - 10.10am

Resources: Blue maths journal, pencil, purple pen, ruler, powerpoint slides. 


Please open the attached powerpoint to see today's maths warm up (arithmetic) questions. Complete these as you normally would with the subheadings and the short date.


After each slide of questions you will see the next slide is the answers. You will need to mark your own work and make your corrections with your purple pen. 


MATHS LIVE 10:15 - 10:35


Power Maths


Multiplying more than 2 numbers (part 2)

Time: 10:35-11

Resources: Power Maths book 4B, pencil, purple pen, ruler, blue maths journal, PowerPoint 


Join us at 10:15 for the live session where we will be looking at    You then need to complete pages 28-30 in your power maths book. Answers will be posted here after the live session so don't forget to mark your work!



Time: 11:15-12:00

Resources: English book, newspaper article, penil, colours (if you can)


Hopefully you were able to join this morning's live session where I spent some time explaining today's English task. We are going to be looking at using speech in newspapers. News articles often use speech as a way of showig what witnesses to the event have said, and we are now becoming great at identifying direct speech and using the correct punctuation.


Date: Thursday 4th February 2021

Title: Using speech in newspapers


Task 1: Identify all of the speech from the article we looked at about Derby County (it is attached to this assignment). Please identify all of the direct speech (clue - there should be 4!) and write these in your English book - missing a line between each line of speech.


Task 2: By reading the article, you need to work out who said each quote. Some of these will be easier than others. Once you have worked this out you need to write their name next to the speech they have said.


Task 3: Using 3 different colours, neatly underline the following:


  • The words that were said
  • Who said them
  • The correct punctuation that has been used


Task 4: Now you have had a go at identifying speech in another article, your job is to go back and look at the article you wrote about Will stealing Harry's leg. Using a purple pen, please come up with some speech (a quote) that you could include in your article. Think carefully about who was involved and what they might've said to the person writing the newspaper. Your quote could be from:


Jordan, Harry, one of the gang, an eye witness...  


Please do this on TODAY'S PAGE UNDERNEATH TASK 1 - 3


Thursday Afternoon

Time: 1.00pm - 3.30pm

Resources: All sorts! 


Please download the task to see what you need to do. 

I have attached it as a picture too in case you can't see on word. 


On a Thursday afternoon you will be able to choose your own activity. However, this does not mean watching TV, playing on your Xbox or browsing funny videos on tik tok etc. We would like you to choose your own activities for the afternoon and we have some ideas for you below. You might even try and tick all of these off as the weeks go by.

Take a look at the ideas and have a think which you will do today. We would like you to let us know what you did. You could maybe even send a photo. Have fun!


Just to add  ^ feel free to use some of this time to work on your competition entry from the assembly the other day if you wish. You could also use this time to complete some of the mindfulness activities from yesterday if you didn't get a chance to do some of them :)