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Thursday 14th January


At the end of Chapter 4, Cosmos the computer says "Welcome to the Universe" and prints out photographs of space.

Look at the photos (attached below) and read the captions.

In your Reciprocal Reading exercise book, can you answer the following questions in full sentences:

1.) Why are these photographs included in the story?

2.) How is the writing for the captions different to the rest of the book?


Reading for pleasure using Oxford Owl or books at home.

username: bwyr5


Password: Borrow1


We are starting a Science Unit on Forces. During the first Science session you need to read through the 'forces' knowledge organiser below.


During the second science session you need to watch the video in 'lesson 1' of forces on the Oak National Academy website (follow the link below). At different stages of the video you need to pause the video and complete the activity in your Science book.

Please write the date and the following title:


Thursday 14th January 2021

Forces - Lesson 1


If the video asks to you to answer a question, you need to write the question and the answer in your book. If it is a matching activity you need to pause the video and write the correct word with the correct definition in your book. If you are describing the force in a picture you can write picture 1 = __________ , picture 2 = ___________ .....


You need to mark your work independently as you go along with your red pen and edit any answers,if you need to, in purple pen.


This is the resource we will be using on Teams today

Look through the PowerPoint and complete activities in your spelling book. Remember the date and title!
Stepping Stones Maths
Please watch the video about the 11 and 12 times table. This will support your learning in class about related times table and division facts.
Here is the resource that we will be using on Teams this afternoon.