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Traditionally schools have offered parents/carers the opportunity to purchase photographic prints of their children individually, with siblings and as part of the whole class each year.


We have been liaising with a local photographer to create new photographic styles and more flexible and cost effective options for parents/carers to purchase digital images and/or prints. We believe that this is a more up to date way to provide you with photographs of your children at school.


Jakt Photography has been into school and taken some demo photographs of children to create style ideas that can be used to offer you a much-improved school photograph service.


Here are some examples of the photographs showing the children inside and outside and with siblings.

Pricing structure of packages available for you to consider.  We believe these will offer greater flexibility in how you receive the images/photographs and also offer you better value for money. 

Prints: We offer 2 print sizes each has 3 copies of the same image. If parents want to purchase additional copies of the same photograph then they simply add the it to the order. Please note, that all prints will be un-mounted.

6x4 Prints £12.00 with three copies of the same image included. Additonal 6x4 prints £0.65p per print. 

8x6 Prints £13.00 with three copies of the same image included. Additonal 8x6 prints £0.80p per print. 

Thank you to those of you who responded to the survey we sent out.  There was an overwhelmingly positive response to change to this modern style.