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Remote Learning Spring Term

Welcome to the Year 6 page for Remote Learning. From 5th January 2021, some pupils in Year 6 will be working remotely, with live teaching elements available from 8th January 2021.


Our learning input will be delivered via Microsoft Teams, and a daily overview of what we would like your child to complete and when they can log into live lessons will be uploaded as a timetable. You will find this timetable below.  For those of you not able to access Microsoft Teams, all learning will continue to be accessible via the website.


You will be requested to collect your child's learning packs from school so that they have all of they books they need to work in and equipment to use. Your child should record ALL of their learning within their exercise books unless it is an assignment that has been set in Microsoft Teams. You can find a guide below that sets out expectations for work being completed in exercise books.


Your child's log in for Microsoft Teams should be stuck in their reading diary. If your child does not have their login, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


Please send all completed work via Teams, or email if you are unable to do so to OR


Kind Regards 


Mr Gallagher and Mr Mills

Additional Information

We have been asked to provide parents/carers with a link to the Sustrans Outside In programme, which aims to provide useful content and resources for families during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Below is a copy of the expectations for children's work for parents/carers and pupils to refer to.

Year 6 timetable

Timings are similar to how long we spend on each subject in school. Please log on to Microsoft Teams at the correct time for the two live daily sessions.