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Remember, any written work should be completed at the back of your topic books.  Always write the date in full and underline it. 


Week 1 

Revisit numbers 1 - 10 

The link takes you to a set of flashcards for numbers 1 – 10.  Practise these first, then scroll down the page and you will see a choice of activities, including one for a snowman version of hangman and a crossword.  Have a go at both.  Check underneath the snowman as it tells you if the number is in English or French.  

French colour adjectives   

Watch this short video to learn 10 colour words in French.  The English words appears in the bottom left-hand corner.  The man says the word three times.  Watch the video all the way through first listening to the pronunciation of the colour words.  Next, watch again and join in with the words the second and third time they are said.  Practise a few times over a few days to become confident, taking care with your pronunciation. 

Once you have listened a few times over a few days, look around your home and see if you can name the colours you see without the video supporting you.   


Activity 2 

Make a list of the colour words in the back of your topic book by pausing the video and copying the spellings correctly.  Write the French colour word and then the English word e.g., noir – black 


Challenge – can you find some other common colour words and add them to your list.  Always ask an adult to help you make a safe search on the internet by using trusted sites. 


Listen to the story Va t’en Grand Monstre Vert