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Our Ambitious Vocabulary Wall

Welcome to our Ambitious Vocabulary Wall. Here you will be able to see all of the fantastic vocabulary which we have shared, discussed and used each week in each class! We are using this wall to support our language development and to gather wonderful ideas for our writing! Log in each week to see how our word bank is progressing!



  Autumn Term Spring Term

admiral - officer rank high up in the Royal Navy

furious - really angry

squabble - to argue

wail - to cry loudly


evil - mean / wicked

foe - enemy

giant - an imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size

beckon - to instruct someone to approach or follow usually by making a gesture with the hand


enormous - very big

fairy Tale - a type of story

boastful - showing off about one's achievements, possessions or abilities

Hanukkah - a Jewish festival


indignantly - feeling cross because something is unfair

exchanging - in maths when you can't take a bigger number away from a smaller number and you need go across to the next column and 'exchange' a larger amount for the equivalent smaller amount e.g. one hundred is the same as ten lots of ten 

boastful - showing off about one's achievements, possessions or abilities

frock - dress


homonid - word used to describe The Early Stone Age Civilisation

ambush - a surprise attack

approximate - roughly correct or "a jolly good guess"

deflate - to let the air out of something e.g. a balloon


faint - very quiet sound

sauntered - walked in a slow, relaxed manner

imprisoned - kept in prison or held captive

reluctant - when you don't want to do something but usually end up doing it


hollow - something that is empty or has a space inside

entice - to tempt or attract

alight - to descend from a train, bus, or other form of transport

tantalise - make you want something you can't have (torment or tease)


indignant - angry or frustrated because something is unfair

inhospitable - a harsh and difficult environment to live in

dimension - an aspect or feature of a situation

instantaneously - immediately, straightaway


sagging - sinking under pressure and weight/lack of strength

interact - communicate, be involved in something directly

frazzled - the feeling of exhaustion or strain

orbit - regular or repeated path around an object


brobdingnagian - huge, gigantic (from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift)

flummoxed - confused

tyranny - a cruel and oppressive government

agitate - make someone troubled or nervous; arouse concern about a cause


dual-coding - to use pictures and diagrams alongside words to help us remember information

hypothesis - idea or theory made on limited evidence

segregation - the action of setting something or someone apart from others

recurring - to occur again, repeating