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Monday 25th January

Reading 9:00-9:30

Read pages 57- 65 of Chapter Six.

In your yellow reading exercise book, write the long date and title:

Monday 25th January

Clarifying Vocabulary


Clarify the meaning of all of the words highlighted in pink. You can ask a grown up, use your knowledge of word meanings or use an online dictionary:

Remember to take a photo of your work and add it to the Reading Assignment on Teams.


Independent reading for pleasure 9:30-9:50

If you do not have a book from your book band at home, you can access Oxford Owl for your 'reading for pleasure' using the username and password below.

Username: bwyr5

Password: Borrow1


If for any reason it does not let you log in to the page, you can try the Year 3 login (details below)

Username: bwyr34 

Password: Borrow1


Record which pages/ book you have read in your Reading Record. Send a photo into Teams on FRIDAY. Those who have read 5 times or more will be able to put a sticker on their chart.


Religious Education 9:50-10:25

Please follow the link below to watch the video for the next R.E lesson which focusses on the holy book of Islam. YOU NEED TO SKIP PAST THE QUIZ BY PRESSING 'NEXT' TO GET TO THE VIDEO.


You need to write the date and title in your green topic book like this:

Monday 25th January 2021

The Holy Book of Islam


At each point where the video asks you to stop you need to write the question and the correct answer next to it in your book. 

Remember to take a photo of your work and add it to the RE Assignment on Teams.


Break 10:25-10:40 - PLAY IN THE SNOW!!!


You now need to log onto Teams for your ENGLISH INPUT at 10:40

11:00-12:15: Complete your English Task


12:15-1:15- LUNCH


1:15-1:40: Spelling and Grammar

Please complete the SPAG task on 'adverbs' in your English book with the date and title:

Monday 25th January 2021



You need to mark your task once you have completed it and attach a picture to this assignment to hand in 



1:40-2:25: PE

Snow doesn't come very often so go outside and build a snowman or play in the snow! If you are unable to do this, there is a Joe Wickes video for you below:


2:30- Log on to Teams for your MATHS INPUT

Complete the Utlimate Times Table Test as your warm up and let your teacher know which test you did and your score on the Maths chat.

Then complete the End of Unit check based on the unit we have been studying in Power Maths. Answers to these questions can be found on the website.

Remember to send a message or email to the teacher completing the Remote Learning if you need any more help or support.

Remember to take a photo of your marked and corrected work and add it to the Maths Assignment on Teams.

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