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Monday 25th January

Monday 25th January


Reading Task (9 - 9:25am)

  • Look at the text below. It is a non-fiction text called 'Great Explorers' by Charlotte Guillain. 
  • Non-fiction means that the text contains facts, not a story. 
  • At the end of the text, there is a glossary. A glossary is a page at the back of the book that tells you what some words mean.
  • Read the text to your adult.
  • Now discuss these words and phrases with your adult. You can use the glossary to help you. Talk about what they mean: 







-set sail

English Live Input (9:25 - 9:45am)

Log into Teams for 20 minutes of English input. 


English Task (9:45 - 10:10am)

  • Today we are going to publish our recount about Apollo 11.
  • Ask your adult to check your spellings and punctuation. Remember the feedback that Miss Morgan gave you about your recount from Friday.
  • Write up your recount that you did on Friday. If you have a printer, you could print the space themed paper below. Alternatively, you could use a plain piece of paper and write your work in your neatest handwriting. You could also decorate the edges of the paper with pictures of Apollo 11.

Playtime (10:10 - 10:25am)


Independent Reading (10:25am - 10:35am)

Log in to Oxford Owl and choose a book from your coloured reading band. The login for the website is:

Username: bwyear12

Password: Borrow1

Science (10:35am – 11:35am)

Memory Task:

-Think of the answers to these questions:

  • What materials can you think of?
  • What scientific vocabulary do you know that can be used to describe properties? (E.g. rough, smooth etc.)

-Have a look at the pictures below. Think which picture could be the odd one out and tell your adult why. There are no wrong answers!



  • Today you are going to be finding out how the shapes of objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.
  • You are going to do an investigation. Ask your adult for blu-tac, a paperclip, an elastic band and a ruler. If you haven't got those objects, you could ask your adult for different objects. Make sure that they are safe to use.
  • For each object, test if you can squash, bend, twist and stretch it. Fill in a table like the one below. Use a tick or a cross. If you have a printer, you could print the table below. Alternatively you could use a ruler to draw a table in your science book. Do not rush. There will be time to complete this task this afternoon. It needs to look like this:

  • Once you have filled in the table, write about your results under the table in your book. Copy and finish the sentence: I found out that...'

Handwriting (11:35 - 11:45am)

  • Write the short date. (25.01.21)
  • Practise joining 'id'. 
  • Practise writing 'did'. Remember to join the letters.
  • Practise writing 'dried'. Remember to join the letters. 
  • Look at my example to help you.

Lunch (11:45am - 12:45pm)


Phonics (12:45pm - 1:10pm)

Watch and join in with the pre-recorded phonics lesson for your group. We have emailed you with details of which video your child should watch and join in with. 


Phase 5 phonics session 25.01.21

Still image for this video

Phase 5 phonics task 25.01.21

Phase 6 Phonics 25.01.21

Still image for this video
Phase 6 - If you are having trouble remembering what vowels and consonants are, try listening to this song:

Maths Live Input (1:10pm - 1:30pm)

Log in to Teams for 20 minutes of Maths input. 


Maths Task (1:35pm - 2:30pm)

Today we will complete pages 140, 141 and 142 in the Power Maths book (Unit 5: Multiplication and Division, Lesson 3). Use the strategies that we shared in the live lesson. When you have finished, send some photos of your work to Mrs Ball so that she can give you some feedback. If you finish Power Maths and fancy a challenge, try the task below in your maths journal.

Science (2:30 - 3:20pm)

Finish the science work you started this morning. Make sure that it is your very neatest work.