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Live sessions:

Maths 10:15 - 10:35


English 2:05 - 2:25



Time: 9.00am - 9.30am

Pages: 80-82

Please read pages 80-82 today. Use the online dictionary or ask an adult if you come across any unfamilair words. At the end of page 82, Harry says 'looks like beggars can be choosers.' There is a saying 'beggars can't be choosers' meaning that when you really need something, you shouldn't be picky or fussy. Talk to an adult/sibling at home about what you think Harry means by 'looks like beggars can be choosers.' 




Teams can read it for you! If you are able to read the text yourself or with an adult then please do that but if you find it difficult there is an option to select 'immersive reader' which will then read the text out for you. You could always read it to yourself AND listen to it as well. 



If you are unsure of a word's meaning you can of course go online and look it up (I would recommend but also if you click on some words they will display some pictures of the meaning of the word which might help you to understand it. This is especially helpful if your adults at home are busy doing their own work. 



Time: 9.30am - 9.50am

Resources: Handwriting book, pencil.


We are doing words beginning with the letter e (part 2) today. Please practice the words attached to this assignment in your handwriting book. A full line of each please! 


Take your time and take care with all of the joins. Handwriting is not a race!



Time: 9.50am - 10.10am

Resources: Blue maths journal, pencil, purple pen, ruler, powerpoint slides. 


Please open the attached powerpoint to see today's maths warm up (arithmetic) questions. Complete these as you normally would with the subheadings and the short date.


After each slide of questions you will see the next slide is the answers. You will need to mark your own work and make your corrections with your purple pen. 



Maths live - 10:15 - 10:35 - multiplying a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number


Power Maths - multiplying a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number

Time : 10:35 - 11

Resources: pencil, ruler, power maths book 4B



Time: 11:15-12

Resources: computer/device, internet connection


An algorithm is a list of rules to follow in order to solve a problem. Algorithms need to have their steps in the right order. 


Task 1

Cargo Bot

You are going to play a game! The game is called cargo-bot and is a programming game. It is very tricky so follow the tutorials first. I have made a video for you to watch which explains what you need to do. 


Here is the website, watch the video first:



Time: 1:00 - 1:40 PM


This topic is all about 'being me.' Today, you are going to find out what kind of learner you are. We all learn in different ways; adult and children, and if we know what way we learn best, we are more likely to be able to help ourselves when we get stuck. 


Have a read of the posters attached. They each describe different types of learners. Have a read and try to work out which type of learner you are. This might be quite tricky but that's ok. You might also find that you learn best in more than one way - this is okay too!


Once you have worked out what type of learner you are, have a go at completing the activity that matches your learning type:


Linguistic learner - have a go at writing a short poem about the winter. Think about what you can hear, see, smell, touch and taste during winter time. Take a picture once you've finished and share it with us if you can!


Logical / mathematical learning - have a go at one of the maths puzzles attached. There are answers attached too so you can check your work after! 


Spatial learner -  using any materials you have at home (recyclables, lego, building blocks...) create a sturdy tower. Take a picture and show us if you can!


Musical learner - If you have an instrument, you could play a piece of music that you know or you could just freestyle! If you don't have an instrument, use your hands/body/voice as an instrument - clap along to a song or have a practise of singing a song you know from school.  Take a picture/video if you can and share it with us. 


Bodily learner - create a workout circuit for yourself to complete. You might want to make some notes or use some of the previous P.E videos for inspiration. Take a picture/video if you can and share it with us!


Maths revisit 

Time: 1:40 - 2:00 PM

Resources : blue maths book, pencil, ruler, attached word doc. 


English live - 2:05 - 2:25 PM


Newspaper Report - The Soup Movement

Time: 2.30 - 3.15

Resources: Modelled example, checklist (see below) 


Join the live session at 2:05-2:25 where I will be explaining the English task for today. Please don't be late for the live meeting as you might not be able to get in. 



On Friday you wrote your own newspaper report aiming to include all of the features. Today you will assess your own work and identify your next steps. In the meeting I will show you what I want you to do in your books. The instructions and example is also attached to this assignment.