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Monday 1st February

Use the sheet below for English

English (9:00 - 9:50)

Please log into Teams for a 20 minute English input.


Independent Reading (9:50-10:00)

Log into Oxford Owl and choose a book to read from your coloured reading band. The log in for the website is:

Username: bwyear12

Password: Borrow1

Reading task (10:15-10:35)

Write and underline the short date. 31.1.21

Now draw and label the main characters in your green phonics book.

Challenge: Label the characters using adjectives 


Read this story:

Jez and Jox lived next to the volcano on planet Twoo. One day, Jez was walking to school. "Boo" said his green friend Jox. "Wow you made me jump" said Jez. They set off to school. 


First, they jumped into the jelly river. Boing Boing Boing! 

Then, they rolled down marsh hill. Rolly Polly Rolly Polly! 

Next, they tiptoed across tiger alley. Tip Toe Tip Toe! 

Finally, they swung into school on a long oak branch. Swish Swish Swish! 


They gave each other a high 5. "See you after school" said Jox. 

Science (10:35 - 11:35)

1. Use the link below to explore some different materials.


2. Then drag the missing word to make the sentence correct in the game below:

Handwriting (11:35-11:45)

Please complete the following handwriting practice in your red handwriting books. Please write a whole line of each letter. Remember to write and underline today's date 1.02.21.


Still image for this video
Lunch (11:45 - 12:45)

Maths (1:45 - 1:05)

Please log into Microsoft Teams for a 20 minute maths input.

Then complete pages 6-8 in your Power Maths book. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE USING THE 1B BOOK.

Phonics (1:50 - 2:10)

Watch and join in with the pre-recorded phonics lesson for your group. We have emailed you with details of which video your child should watch and join in with. 


Please use Phonics play: 

You may log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home

Phase 3/4

Still image for this video

Phase 5 phonics video 01.02.21

Still image for this video

Phase 5 phonics task 01.02.21

Science (2:20 - 3:20)


Today you are going to be investigating different materials.

  • Look at the PowerPoint. Click on the speaker icons to hear Miss Morgan read the page.
  • Complete the sheet. If you do not have a printer, write and underline today's long date: Monday 1st February, then copy and complete the sentences straight into your science book.