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Monday 18th January

Monday 18th January


Reading Task (9 - 9:25am)

  • Look at the text below. It is the final part of Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram.
  • Now discuss these words and phrases with your adult. Talk about what they mean: 


-jetting off

-keep his wits about him

-rush hour


English Live Input (9:25 - 9:45am)

Log into Teams for 20 minutes of English input. 


English Task (9:45 - 10:10am)

Today we are going to learn about the past tense. The past tense is a way of writing a verb to show that something has happened already.

Write the long date in your pink English books and underline it with a ruler. Monday 18th January.

Read the 'silver' sentences below that are in the present tense. Now write them again but using the past tense.

Choose your level of challenge. If you are finding the work difficult, choose the 'bronze' activity and cut out and match the sentences. If you would like a challenge, choose the 'gold' activity and write the sentences in the past tense.   

Playtime (10:10 - 10:25am)


Independent Reading (10:25am - 10:35am)

Log in to Oxford Owl and choose a book from your coloured reading band. The login for the website is:

Username: bwyear12

Password: Borrow1

Science (10:35am – 11:35am)

Please start by thinking about what you can remember about our new topic ‘materials’. Have a look at the knowledge organiser below to see what you remembered and see if you can remember more for next time.

Today you are going to be comparing properties of materials. Comparing means thinking about similarities and differences. Think about the different materials and properties which you learnt about last week.

  • Write the long date in your science book. Monday 18th January.
  • For the layout of your work, please have a look at the picture below – I have included an example for comparing properties of cardboard and wood. Please underline the subheadings.
  • Write sentences underneath each subheading to compare the two materials. This can be similarities and differences.
  • Remember to use scientific vocabulary – you can use the properties of materials posters below to help.   
  • Please do not rush this, you can finish this work off in the morning.

Handwriting (11:35 - 11:45am)

  • Write the short date. (18.01.21)
  • Practise joining 'lp'. 
  • Practise writing 'help'. Remember to join the letters.
  • Practise writing 'helped'. Remember to join the letters. 
  • Look at my example to help you.

Lunch (11:45am - 12:45pm)


Phonics (12:45pm - 1:10pm)

Watch and join in with the pre-recorded phonics lesson for your group. We have emailed you with details of which video your child should watch and join in with. 

Phase 6 Phonics 18.01.21

Still image for this video

Phase 5 phonics session 18.01.21

Still image for this video

Phase 5 phonics task 18.01.21

Maths Live Input (1:10pm - 1:30pm)

Log in to Teams for 20 minutes of Maths input. 


Maths Task (1:35pm - 2:30pm)

Today we will complete pages 123, 124 and 125 in the Power Maths book (Unit 4: Money, Lesson 7). Use the strategies that we shared in the live lesson. When you have finished, send some photos of your work to Miss Morgan so that she can give you some feedback. If you finish Power Maths and fancy a challenge, try the task below in your maths journal.

Science (2:30 - 3:20pm)

Finish the science work you started this morning. Make sure that it is your very neatest work.