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Key Stage 2 (Year 6)

KS2  (Year 6) SATs will take place from Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May 2019.  


On this page you will find useful documents to download to help you understand and support your children's learning.


The DfE have produced a short video clip to explain the changes to SATs tests, which you can access by clicking HERE.


Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation


Schools now have a much greater focus on teaching grammar, spelling and punctuation. This hasn't always been the case in the past so it is likely that some of you may feel that your own grammar knowledge is a little shaky!  The Department for Education has produced a glossary of grammatical terms for schools, which you may also find useful. It explains the technical language and gives examples of what the children need to know. 

You can also download the lists of common spelling words that have 'exceptional' spellings - those that don't really fit spelling rules.  The lists are in a  spreadsheet and got from Year 1 up to Year 6.  It is helpful for you to know all of these words and to test your children not just on the Year 6 words but on the previous years' words too!!