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Part I - The Application Process

This year is going to see Borrow Wood Primary School form a partnership with the i-Vengers initiative. The aim of their project is to work with schools to "engage, education and empower"  and we are going to be joining forces with the i-Vengers team to do our bit of our school community.


The i-Vengers team here at Borrow Wood is only going to be a success with the support of the children. So, we are going to be setting up the very first Borrow Wood Primary School i-Vengers team and we would like to offer an opportunity to two children from Year 5 and two children from Year 6 to join us on our mission!


Below is a PowerPoint presentation, that has been narrated over by the Chief i-Venger (Mr Gallagher), explaining more to the children about the project and application process.


All applications need to be handed into the children's class teacher or can be emailed to Mr Gallagher using the email address below, which will go live from Tuesday 2nd March 2021.


We are really excited about this initiative and cannot wait to get our i-Vengers team set up.



Part II - The Deadline

The Chief i-Venger (Mr Gallagher) has today received a great variety of applications from children in Year 5 and 6. He received i-Venger t-shirts, posters, letters of application and PowerPoint presentations. Later this week, the Chief i-Venger will shortlist for the four available i-Venger positions and consult with the Year 5 and 6 teachers about who will join the first ever Borrow Wood Primary School i-Venger team.



Part III - The BIG Announcement

After much deliberation amongst staff, it was decided that the first ever i-Vengers team would be made up of two children from Year 5 and four children from Year 6. On Friday 19th March 2021, the boys and girls of Borrow Wood Primary School were introduced to the first ever i-Vengers team as part of the weekly star award assembly.

Year 5

Natalie and Hannah will be representing their year group and were both very eager to receive their badges that they will be wearing proudly around school.

Year 6

The quality of applications was so high that a decision was made by the Chief i-Venger and Miss Fletcher to allow four children to become i-Vengers. Emily, Lauren, Molly and Eva have become founding members of our i-Vengers team and were beyond excited to receive the news!


But what next for the team? The children's next step is to undertake the 'i-Vengers Training', which will be delivered by Traci Good, before putting their minds together to complete task 1!



Part IV - Training

On Monday 22nd March 2021, the i-Vengers team took part in their first training session, which was led remotely by Traci Good, the founder of the i-Vengers initiative. Traci outlined the tasks that the children would be expected to complete over the coming months and shared her enthusiasm and excitement for seeing what the team would be producing.

The team were set their first two tasks and they will be meeting again in a weeks time to formulate a plan! Watch this space!