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Friday 5th February

Reciprocal Reading 9:00-9:30

Please complete the comprehension questions and use the answers to mark your work.

Remember to take a photo of your work and add it to the assignment on Teams.


Independent reading for pleasure 9:30-9:40

If you do not have a book from your book band at home, you can access Oxford Owl for your 'reading for pleasure' using the username and password below.

Username: bwyr5

Password: Borrow1


If for any reason it does not let you log in to the page, you can try the Year 3 login (details below)

Username: bwyr34 

Password: Borrow1


Record which pages/ book you have read in your Reading Record. Send a photo into Teams on FRIDAY. Those who have read 5 times or more will be able to put two stickers on their chart.


Design & Technology 9:40-10:25

Your job is to design a 'feel good' oufit for yourself. You need to draw it in the back of your sketchbook and label your design. Your labels might describe the material each part of your outfit is made out of as well as the colour and what each part is.

Please attach a picture to your DT assignment


Break 10:25-10:40


You now need to log onto Teams for your ENGLISH INPUT at 10:40

11:00-12:00: Complete your English Task


12:00-1:00- LUNCH


PE 1-2:30


Use this time to stretch, go for a walk, ride your bike or scooter. You could practise your football skills, skipping or throwing and catching depending which equipment you have around the house. Try to do a different activity to what you did earlier in the week. You could set up circuits like we do in school and do one minute of each activity- remember to work different muscle groups!

If you would rather follow a work-out session please log on to Joe Wickes The Body Coach YouTube Channel and complete one of his children's work-outs:


2:30- Log on to Teams for your MATHS INPUT

Complete the Times Table probes, Related Facts and Arithmetic Questions in your own time and mark them.

After the input on Teams, please complete the pages of your Power Maths book that your teacher tells you to.

Remember to send an email to the teacher who is leading the Remote Learning if you need any more help or support. This week it is Mrs Gratton on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Wadsworth on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Remember to take a photo of your marked and corrected work and add it to the Maths Assignment on Teams.