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Time: 9.00am - 9.30am

Pages: 91-94


Today we will be reading pages 91-94 and then we will answer some speedy retrieval questions. Please read pages 91-94 and then have a go at the questions below

Date: Friday 5th February 2021

Title: The Soup Movement - Pages 91-94


  1. What does Abi do to Jordan to make sure he is in shot? (page 91)
  2. Find the word that means terrible, used to describe the sushi in Pondstead (page 91)
  3. Find the word that means you really want to do something, begining with 'd' (page 92)
  4. What does imperfect mean? (page 92)
  5. Who was married to Maureen? (page 93)
  6. What do you think a 'barge' is? (page 93)
  7. Which 3 characters are like a 'little family'? (page 94)
  8. What does Abi do to Jordan to show him comfort? (page 94)



Teams can read it for you! If you are able to read the text yourself or with an adult then please do that but if you find it difficult there is an option to select 'immersive reader' which will then read the text out for you. You could always read it to yourself AND listen to it as well. 



If you are unsure of a word's meaning you can of course go online and look it up (I would recommend but also if you click on some words they will display some pictures of the meaning of the word which might help you to understand it. This is especially helpful if your adults at home are busy doing their own work. 



Time: 9.30am - 9.50am

Resources: Handwriting book, pencil.


We are doing words beginning with K and L today. Please practice the words attached to this assignment in your handwriting book. Two lines of each!  


Take your time and take care with all of the joins. Handwriting is not a race! If you do finish on time, choose 2 words that begin with k/l or have the letter k/l in them and practice writing these.



Time: 9.50am - 10.10am

Resources: Blue maths journal, pencil, purple pen, ruler, powerpoint slides. 


Please open the attached powerpoint to see today's maths warm up (arithmetic) questions. Complete these as you normally would with the subheadings and the short date.


After each slide of questions you will see the next slide is the answers. You will need to mark your own work and make your corrections with your purple pen. 


MATHS LIVE - 10:15- 10:35


Power Maths 

Time: 10:35 - 11

Resources: Power Maths book, pencil, answers 



French - revisit

Time: 11:15-12

Resources: paper, pen/pencil, scissors


Learning languages can be tricky as it can be hard to remember different words and their spellings. Today, your job is to make some flash cards so you can practise your pronunciation/ spelling of some particualr words in french. Today, we are going to focus on colours.


To refresh your memory, watch this video first and join in


You will need to...


Take some card/ paper and cut it in to rectangles. They need to be big enough for you to write on.  (you might want some help with this from an adult or older sibling)


On one side, write the name of the colour in English


On the other side, write it in french. Write these carefully! You might find it helpful to draw a splodge on this side and colour it in with the right colour to help you remember. You could also copy the picture that they use in the video (e.g. a banana for yellow, the sky for blue...)


You should repeat this for every colour from the video so you should have 9 flash cards. You might want to add more if you know any others! 


Once you have made them, read them a few times over before getting someone to test you on them. They can show you the English and you say the french, or they show the french and you have to say the English. 




Time: 1.00pm - 1.40pm

Resouces: Whatever you have at home, a timer would be useful. 


What will you do this week? 

How about some karate?



Doing PE via teams is going to be very tricky. Everyone will have different equipment and space available to them. The main thing is to do something active. You might run around in your garden, you might practise your football skills, catching skills or throwing skills. Another idea could be to create your own circuits using equipment from around the home. Think about the circuits we have done in school for ideas, be creative, try out different ideas.


Spelling Shed or TTRS

Time: 1.40pm - 2.00pm

Resources: Website link, usernames and passwords. 


Please log in to the Spelling Shed website or the TTRS website using your personal log in details. Once you have logged in you will be able to practise your spellings or times tables. You can pick one or do 10 minutes of spelling and 10 minutes of times tables.  


Website:      Times Tables Rock Stars: Play (

Your log in information was sent home in your pack on the same sheet as your teams log in details. 


ART LIVE - 2:05- 2:25 



Time: 2:05-3:15

Resources: Sketch book, ruler, pencil, video


Please join today's live session which is all about shading! This will be at 2:05 - 2:25 and will replace the usual English live session.


I will be sharing a video with you of me doing some drawing and shading, and showing you a variety of techniques to help you practise shading. You will then have time (2:30-3:15) to complete 2 tasks in your sketch books, which will be explained during the live session. See you there!