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Borrow Wood Ambassadors attended the Senior Leadership meeting on Monday 28th February 2022 to discuss ideas that they had gathered from the children in school.


Minutes of the Ambassador meeting:

On 28th February, we met with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) which includes:  
Miss Fletcher, Mrs Maher, Miss Sargison and Mr Gallagher. 

Below is a copy of the things we discussed: 


  1. Thank you for letting us come and speak with you. 
    We wanted to update you on what we’ve been doing since we were appointed 
    Miss Smith told us about the School Improvement Plan (SIP) which you use to decide how to make school better. 

  1. We met with School Council to discuss this and decided it would be good to ask the children in school what THEY think would make school better. 
    So we created a survey sheet (show) and then we and Upper School Councillors went round all the classes to carry out the survey. 

  1. We then got together to look at the results and found out what the top 3 things are that MOST pupils like and the top 3 things people would like to see improved. 

The top 3 things people like are:   
1. The Hundred Square Reward System  
2. The MUGA 
3. The Library – although…. 
The top 3 things the want to improve are: 
1. More time in the nature area 
2. Return of Toast and Raisins 
3. Improve the library 

  1. We then went out to ask pupils more about the things they want to see improved. 
    1. More time in the nature area  
          Could we introduce a timetable for classes to go in the nature are? 
    2. Toast and Raisins 
        We went to see Mrs Sylvester in the kitchen. She said there aren’t enough staff to cover it. 
         We would like to offer to help by doing it once a week but be need equipment and  
         supplies and a member of staff to work the toaster/s. 
    3. Improve the library 
         Pupils would like more seating in the library area and better book conditions  
         – we need to talk to pupils about care of books (Ambassador Assembly). 

We would like to do what we can to help and we would like your help to make these improvements.   We understand that you will need some time to think about this. 
Please can you have a think and a chat and get back to us. 


Thank you very much for your time.