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Behaviour at Borrow Wood

Borrow Wood Primary School Positive Behaviour Statement


By popular demand the children have chosen to continue collecting badges as recognition of positive behaviour and attitudes to learning.  They have proved so popular since we introduced them that it took the School Council no time at all to agree a plan to continue earning them.


We have also introduced badges to reward best work.  Our new work 'mantra' is "Best Work, Every Book, Every Time, Every Child".  The aim is to collect the set of 4 badges over the year. To earn a badge the chidlren must consistently show that they are making 100% effort and therefore showing pride in the quality and presentation of their work regardless of the work they are doing. You will see big "Best Work, Every Book, Every Time, Every Child" signs up in all the classrooms and in the halls to focus the children on those high expectations.


How does it work?


  • Every child begins each day on ‘READY TO LEARN’ and starts the week with 15 minutes of ‘Owl Time’.  (The children will be involved in choosing their weekly ‘Owl Time’ activities).
  •  ‘Owl Time’ of 15 minutes per week is for ALL children. It is on a Friday afternoon ensuring all children end the week on a positive note.  Any lost time will happen at the beginning of ‘Owl Time’.
  • Children can earn up to 5 additional minutes a week for ‘Green’ behaviours. Children can lose ‘Owl Time’ in minutes up to all of 15 minutes.


To download a version for home click on the BWPS Positive Behaviour Statement 2018 - 2019 below.